Business Ethics

We follow the IT & Telecom companies’ Business Ethics Basic Principles, and which are attached to our agreements. In short, these mean:

  • We work systematically to promote diversity and combat discrimination.
  • We care for a good working environment for all our employees regardless of the conditions.
  • We work for sustainable development where the company makes a minimal environmental footprint.
  • We follow and respect the intellectual property rights and business secrets of others.
  • We do not tolerate child labor and will not engage any subcontractor who, even indirectly, uses this.
  • We counteract bribery, bribery, and other forms of corruption.
  • We safeguard the integrity of each individual and care about sensitive data.
  • We believe that free market competition is a prerequisite for growth and development.

Social Responsibility – Children and Youth

Work for increased technology interest
For a decade, we have been organizing the First Lego League . The competition is an initiative of the Lego Group, together with Statoil and FIRST to globally increase technology interest in children and young people through an international competition where teams of children aged 10-16 years compete against each other by building robots and programming these in Lego Mindstorms® to solve different competition tasks that vary each year.

We work actively to support young people’s association activities with sponsorship of various kinds. Half of the sponsorship budget is dedicated to small associations and odd sports that traditionally find it difficult to raise money.

We participate in a mentoring program at University of Skövde where we act mentors for a number of young people on their way out to work. We follow the young people for a year, with meetings a couple of times a month and give tips and advice on what the transition between school and working life entails.

Internships and school collaboration
We have set a level to bring in interns from schools so that they make up about 10% of those employed in the company. As a student you will be able to see how work towards customers looks and you are given tasks that are similar to those you might come across later in your professional life.
We also participate in the program council for T4 , which is a software-focused fourth years at the technology program at IT Gymnaiet in Skövde .
We participate in supervising degree projects for interested students from higher education institutions. We can provide our own ideas as well as tutors based on the students’ ideas. The supervisors we use have themselves worked within the academy and each one has handled dozens of degree projects to approved.

Social Responsibility – Gender and Multi Cultural Equality

We have multi-year partnerships with Arbetslivsresurs and Employment Service where we are with and for a long time work trials, assesses and trains people where the work ability is not fully understood in order to habilitate or rehabilitate the person to a life on the labor market. The commitment for each individual is about one year and we see here a chance to train for the purpose of when the trial is over employ the person according to the adjustments we have arrived at.
We have placed ourselves at a level that those we have in place make up about 10% of those who are employed in the company and the tasks are mixed exercise tasks and tasks against end customers adapted to each individual’s conditions.
We work with those who have once been able to work and must be rehabilitated after illness or accident and with those who have never had a chance in the labor market. Every individual in society is important and it is better that people who can work can participate and contribute than being seated at the side.

Languagte Practice
For our new arrivals from other countries, we offer language training. Being able to speak Swedish is, according to all research, a major key to the labor market and we give our trainees an opportunity to work with people with similar skills in the profession you have chosen and where you get to speak Swedish throughout the days.

Socialt Responsibility – Employees

“If you put your family first, you will perform better at work.”
This is the personnel policy that has existed since the company was founded. We put the family first.

Collective Agreements
We are part of Almega’s suspension agreement with the union ‘Unionen’. A healthy, friendly and active relationship with the union is a core part of our business strategy. We always put our employees first.